Let he who has orbited the moon in the last 40 years throw the first stone.

...and I think it's really depressing that trying to Milkshake Duck this person is going to be more important in many corners, than celebrating humankind's return to the moon.

Prediction: some nice Japanese guy/gal is about to be attacked in the media for associating with Elon Musk.

I really don't understand why Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/etc. are racing into the content moderation business. I also didn't understand why Friendster couldn't scale, or why MySpace wouldn't fix their UX.

From now on, I'm getting all of my home decorating tips from @MeowWolf.

Are CAD drawings of straws illegal now? Asking for a friend.

Set up a Mastodon instance at pifke.social. It should sync to Twitter, which in turn should sync to Facebook; consider this a test post.


pifke.social is one server in the network