@how @egrasmed I applaud & support your intentions, but as a potential audience member, I would feel deceived to learn that the talk wasn't being given by the person who wrote it. I say this without regard to the identity or appearance of the author or speaker.

@egrasmed @how Maybe I misunderstood. I thought you were asking authors of submitted talks to find someone other than the author to present it. Are the replacement speakers being asked to come up with their own content?

@how @egrasmed I wish there were better ways to demonstrate that than discouraging people from taking credit for their own original work based on the color of their skin, or how they present their gender.

@egrasmed How about you hire actors to give all the talks? Or maybe use a suitably diverse text-to-speech program instead of the submissions' actual authors?

A huge chunk of the time I spend on "unit tests" is actually spent refactoring APIs that are painful to use.

I worry, however, that if fairly enforced, Facebook's policies will impact ongoing U.S. propaganda campaigns in Iran, Cuba, Russian, etc.

Good thing people who've outsourced their critical thinking to Facebook won't be subjected to anything the censors deem "inauthentic." I love this version of 1984!

Let he who has orbited the moon in the last 40 years throw the first stone.

...and I think it's really depressing that trying to Milkshake Duck this person is going to be more important in many corners, than celebrating humankind's return to the moon.

Prediction: some nice Japanese guy/gal is about to be attacked in the media for associating with Elon Musk.

I really don't understand why Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/etc. are racing into the content moderation business. I also didn't understand why Friendster couldn't scale, or why MySpace wouldn't fix their UX.

From now on, I'm getting all of my home decorating tips from @MeowWolf.

Are CAD drawings of straws illegal now? Asking for a friend.

Set up a Mastodon instance at pifke.social. It should sync to Twitter, which in turn should sync to Facebook; consider this a test post.


pifke.social is one server in the network